Procrastinating woes.

I had a weight loss goal I wanted to reach before my birthday but because of procrastinating I most likely won’t reach it. I’m so disappointed in myself because I really thought this time I would be able to push myself. Time and time again I set goals that I want to reach, but in the end I fail.

I’ve decided that instead of having a set date and goal I will be taking this journey one day at a time. As much as I want to hurry and see some progress I know it’s not an easy task that will happen overnight.

I’m seriously considering getting an exercise machine. I put it off because I was going to get a gym membership and conquer my fears, but my social anxiety is to a point that I’m not ready. The exercise machine factor is more in your face to me and easier to handle. It’s going to heavily impact my budget, but it’d be a great benefit in the long run.

To Do List

  1. Set up meal plan
  2. Purchase threadmill or elliptical
  3. Get a good pair of sneakers
  4. Set up a schedule
  5. Workout playlist? – I work out better with music playing.
  6. Find an accountability buddy
  7. WORK OUT!

Munk Athletic Hand Grip Strengthener Review


DISCLAIMER: I received this product at no cost in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. All thoughts are my own.

I’m very disappointed to say that this hand strengthener did not work for me personally. The actual issue was not with the product itself, but my arthritis-ridden hands. I was hoping this would help strengthen my hands, but because of how hard the plastic is it was comfortable to hold and I ended up pinching my hands when using it often.


The product itself is a decent made and nice quality strengthener. The construction of the strengthener is pretty simple. It’s not the best-looking one I’ve seen, but I actually prefer the basic look of it. It’s made of a nice smooth plastic that is very easy to grip and fits perfectly in my hand The ridges on the light grey sections are great so I know where to properly place my fingers instinctually.


The resistance level dial wheel is rather difficult to turn. It’s stiff and hurts my fingers. I think if it was made out of something besides hard plastic it would be much better. I wish it has numbers on it so it is easy to identify the strengths.


Despite my issues, the product does work! When using the strengthener’ I could actually feel it working my muscles in my wrist and arms. If you don’t have arthritis-ridden and swollen hands like me then this will work better for you. I do like it and I truly believe it has the potential to be a five-star product if cushioning was added. I am going to continue using it, but I will be getting a pair of gloves for cushioned and preventing painful pinching.



If interested you can purchase the product HERE