Procrastinating woes.

I had a weight loss goal I wanted to reach before my birthday but because of procrastinating I most likely won’t reach it. I’m so disappointed in myself because I really thought this time I would be able to push myself. Time and time again I set goals that I want to reach, but in the end I fail.

I’ve decided that instead of having a set date and goal I will be taking this journey one day at a time. As much as I want to hurry and see some progress I know it’s not an easy task that will happen overnight.

I’m seriously considering getting an exercise machine. I put it off because I was going to get a gym membership and conquer my fears, but my social anxiety is to a point that I’m not ready. The exercise machine factor is more in your face to me and easier to handle. It’s going to heavily impact my budget, but it’d be a great benefit in the long run.

To Do List

  1. Set up meal plan
  2. Purchase threadmill or elliptical
  3. Get a good pair of sneakers
  4. Set up a schedule
  5. Workout playlist? – I work out better with music playing.
  6. Find an accountability buddy
  7. WORK OUT!