2 Oz Travel Bottle Review

Disclaimer: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes

My family lives between four different states and because of that I travel often for holidays. I have really sensitive skin so I use a specific regime of skin care and beauty products. Usually, I end up buying small travel size bottles when I arrive because I buy my usual products in large quantities. Over time those small bottles really add up. These bottles are made of a smooth flexible silicone and have a flip cap. It’s easy to put together and use. It also has a handy little suction cup you can attach to the mirror. Just a small warning- make sure it secured completely or it will slide down.

What I like best about these bottles is that they have a wide mouth so they are easy to clean out and put products in. When closed it has a nice tight seal to it and there are no leaks.

A great thing about these silicone travel bottles is that inside the cap there is a part that tells you what is inside the bottle. With a turn, ​you can change it from sunscreen, shampoo, lotion and conditioner. It great because I won’t have to open the bottle to smell my products. Most of them are the same color so this saves time and money!



500 Pokemon Cards Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

When I was younger I was completely enamored with all things Pokemon. I always rushed home to watch it after school and collected the cards. I was devastated when my cards were taken away during the school year and never give back1

These cards come in awesome collectible tins. One did come dented, but I still really liked them. The colors of the tins are vibrant and shimmery. The Pokemon on each tin is raised and has brilliant detailing.

I was pleasantly surprised​ just how many uncommon cards got – 214 out of 500 cards. I did not expect that much! I also got one ultra rare and nineteen rare cards, six​ of which were halos. I did get quite a bit duplicates, but there was a good variety. Each card has great detailing​ and have a nice shiny sheen to them. The pictures were clear and you can see the features of the Pokemon​ well.

I, unfortunately, had about five cards that looked like they had some wear/damage are around the edges.

Way Out West Vanilla de Leche Candles Reviews

DISCLAIMER: Sample provded for testing and reviewing purpose. All thoughts are my own.

As soon as I opened the Amazon box I got hit with a rich vanilla scent. It smelled so damn good! I was amazed just how strong the fragrance was. These candles are homemade and are a natural soy wax blend with fragrance. I think those two elements definitely are what brings this item to the great quality it is. Usually when I find a great scented candle they always are a letdown. When you light them the only thing I end up smelling is wax. These candles are definitely not a let down at all. They smelled great before lit and even better when they are lit. It leaves a strong vanilla scent all throughout my apartment and my brother actually asked me if I was making a cake!

A great thing about these candles is they come in these cute little mason jars that you can reuse after the candle is done. They also come with a lovely charm wrapped around it. The presentation of these candle is phenomenal!

This set came in a nice decorative box with an insert with some information about the company and the candles itself. It also came with a wick dipper! I’ve never even heard of wick dippers, but I am so happy to be introduced to them thanks to this candle set. The wick dipper is used to extinguish a candle by pulling it down into the wax. Usually when you blow out candles they leave a trail of black smoke that ruins the smell. This wick dipper helps eliminate that. You can also use the wick dipper to pull the cotton wick out of the candle once it is cooled.

This would a great Christmas present for those who are into incense, diffusers and candles. I had planned to give one to my sister, but I just don’t want to after actually using one. It’s too good!

Ziggy Baby Swaddle Blankets Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

First off I have to say that I love that these come in a neutral light green, so it could be for a male or female infant. These swaddle blankets are made of a lightweight and soft cotton. Because of the thinness of the material it is very breathable. They have strong adjustable velcro horizontal straps that give you a tight and secure closure.

You get three different designs – white with grey and green chevron zigzag stripes, white with green and grey dots and a solid green one.

I really like the idea of these blankets. I had major difficulty with swaddling my nephew when he was tiny because I just couldn’t get the corners to tuck right and my arthritis flare ups. These are super easy to figure out! You just put the baby in the bottom portion, pull the left upper side over them, tuck it down then pull the right side to the velcro and adjust it to your preference.

This would be a great gift for baby shower especially if the person has any issues with their hands.

Coolwoo Mouse Backpack Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

This bag is ridiculously cute! The features of the mouse’s face are large and attractive. My nephews favorite part is the ears that are attached to the top. They are what really brings the whole picture of the mouse face together. This backpack is quite large on the inside and very lightweight. There is so much space! I like that there are mesh pockets on both sides for his water and juice bottles. There is also a large zip up compartment up front where we put his pencils, crayons and other small accessories. There is also a pocket inside the bag.

The bag is made of this super soft neoprene material. The adjustable straps are padded so they don’t dig into his shoulders and are comfortable. The only thing I don’t like about this material is it draws the cat to it like crazy. I had to hide this bag away because the cat was digging his nails in it whenever it was out. If you have pets keep it where they can’t find it because for some reason it attracts them(or at least mine). He ripped the front of it so bad that we can’t use this for school, but will use it for playtime.

I really like that there is a sewn in part to put your child’s name instead of what I usually see which is a tag hanging off the zipper. This is such a better idea! There is plenty of room for the first and last name. Another great thing this bag has a small ball on the zipper pulls. It’s a great addition for little ones who are learning to open buttons and zippers because it helps them grip.

Mini Star Toy Microphone Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

This microphone is super easy to put together. It comes in less than 8 pieces and the only part you need to unscrew/screw in is where you put three AA batteries. It is not the steadiest toy, it wobbles a bit when touched. I don’t think it’d stay together if knocked over. The volume on the microphone is surprisingly very loud for a toy. There are two buttons for applause and music and volume control button which controls the music and microphone volume. I really like that there is a volume control button so we can adjust the volume to our pleasure. Our favorite part was that the top part of the toy has flashing lights.

If you have a larger phone like an S5 or 6S then the build in phone stand would not be a good idea. My phone would not fit and tipped forward dropping the entire toy. It’s more suited for a mini iPod of small mp3 player. We ended up just removing the microphone stand and putting away because of it unsteadiness. I think this product could improve it the stand was weighted down and had screws to attach it together.

Swanky Socks Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.


I can’t even begin to explain how much I love these socks. They are not only super stylish but are incredibly comfortable to wear. Most one size socks I’ve bought did not fit at all, bu these socks shocked me because they were a perfect fit.




The socks fit 8-13 men sizes and I am a 10 1/2-11 in men shoes. The socks are made of a lightweight material that forms around your foot perfect and is really easy to get on. They go up just above my calves. If you have larger calves they might be a but snug, but not so uncomfortable that they will bother you much because the band is very stretchy.



The material is breathable so if you feet sweat they will not stick to your feet. These are supposed to be worn to add some style to business wear, but I think these could be worn for everyday use also.