Purple Tutu Review

DISCLAIMER:Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes

I wasn’t expecting such a bright vivid purple color! The photo in the listing is much darker than the actually color I got. It’s a light subtle see-through color while the listing photo looks a bit more blueish purple. It’s very light weight and fits well. The elastic waist is super stretchy so I do agree that this will fit most older ages(3-7 in my opinion), but it’d be rather loose on infants.

It’s not a full tutu. It’s a bit flat and the edges are not cut very well. The elastic around the waist is closer to the color is the picture. It’s a deep violet color that goes well with the light tutu color and feels comfortable against the waist. It has a silky feel to it. There were a few loose strings, but I easily snipped them with scissors. You have to be extra careful because if you snip too much then the tutu might unravel completely.


Insect Killer Spray Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes

I really needed this spray and looked forward to using it. The regular bug spray I get irritates​ my skin if I get even a tiny bit on and is not safe around my pets at all. Because I have a nephew who gets in everything and cats that love to explore I’ve been looking a spray that is safe around them. While this does work it takes a lot to work. The formula is not very strong. I have to spray it at least 3 times as I do my usual bug spray.

Overall I do like that it leaves no scent behind and it is all natural, but I wish it would work faster. I have to ‘drown’ the bugs in the spray to get any success out of it and within a few days I have half a bottle left over. The bottle is also rather small, so it won’t last long.

Tattoo Leggings Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

If you want to add a bit more style and sass to your outfit then these stockings are the perfect addition! The stockings are very smooth and have a slight shimmer. The design is very cute. I got the cat one and it was painted on really well. It looks great no matter which direction you are looking at. It also didn’t distort when worn which is something I was worried about.

It’s not the thickest material, but it’s not really thin either. It holds up well. While the bottom black portion is very stretchy the top beige part is a bit tighter to get on. I could not get them pass my chunky thighs unfortunately because they are sized differently I believe, but they fit my much smaller cousin really well. I wished these came in bigger sizes because I would love a pair for myself.


Compression Socks Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing​ purposes.

I have arthritis and when I have flare ups it is usually in my legs and hands. My feets get painful and I have difficulty walking. Because of that I’ve tried many ways to deal with the pain. The most success I’ve had was with compressions gloves, so I’ve looked into socks too. I’ve tried shorter toeless ones, but never a full sock. These socks are a pain to get on! I ordered exactly to the size chart and they took forever to get on my feet. I have to put them inside out, pull a small part on and roll it the rest of the way up. This took way too long, but they really do work. I just knew that these were going to painful, but once on I was shocked. They molded to me feet and were extremely comfortable. I almost immediately felt relief. The only issue I had is that I have large calves so I had to roll them halfway down or they were really tight around my calves.

Beanie & Scarf Set Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for reviewing and testing purposes.

The colors of this beanie and scarf set really complement each other well – blue, teal and brown. They are very vibrant! Both the hat and scarf are pretty soft. I was a bit confused at first at the long neck, but I folded it up and everything was well. It is very well sewn and fits perfectly on my nephews head. It’s rather stretchy and even fits me! This could totally be for adults too.

The only thing I don’t like is that it has a bow on the bear. Because it is for my nephew I would have preferred an option to have no bow or a bow tie instead. He will still totally rock it because it’s a pretty cute bear and it keeps him nice and toasty. It’s also really soft! I’m not sure what the bear is made out of, but I would totally buy a set in just that material. He loves the colors and the pom poms on the both the hat and scarf.

Enchanted Forest Coloring Book Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

I have social anxiety and at times my stress is just out of control that I need something to calm me down​. That is where coloring comes in. It’s a very calming activity that I do frequently.

This coloring book is definitely a showstopper. It’s gorgeous! The intricate detailing in each picture shows how much work was put into the design of this book. A great thing about this book is that you can color every single part of it – the actually coloring pages, the book jacket, book cover and title pages. I colored with gel pens for the first time and was pleasantly surprised to see that the ink did not bleed through one bit! Color me shocked! The pages do not seem very thick to me, so it must be a very high-quality paper stock for that not to happen. Definitely a big plus. They hold color well with gel pens and colored pencils. Nice and smooth strokes on the paper.

There was a downside to this book sadly. The binding is not the best. When I first opened the book 2 pages came out completely. As I flipped through the book more pages started to come out. I’m not sure if I got a defective one or if it’s just not glued in very well. Despite that, I would still recommend this for people who are looking for something a little more advanced than children coloring books. It’s a great way to destress and deal with anxiety.

2 Oz Travel Bottle Review

Disclaimer: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes

My family lives between four different states and because of that I travel often for holidays. I have really sensitive skin so I use a specific regime of skin care and beauty products. Usually, I end up buying small travel size bottles when I arrive because I buy my usual products in large quantities. Over time those small bottles really add up. These bottles are made of a smooth flexible silicone and have a flip cap. It’s easy to put together and use. It also has a handy little suction cup you can attach to the mirror. Just a small warning- make sure it secured completely or it will slide down.

What I like best about these bottles is that they have a wide mouth so they are easy to clean out and put products in. When closed it has a nice tight seal to it and there are no leaks.

A great thing about these silicone travel bottles is that inside the cap there is a part that tells you what is inside the bottle. With a turn, ​you can change it from sunscreen, shampoo, lotion and conditioner. It great because I won’t have to open the bottle to smell my products. Most of them are the same color so this saves time and money!