Compression Socks Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing​ purposes.

I have arthritis and when I have flare ups it is usually in my legs and hands. My feets get painful and I have difficulty walking. Because of that I’ve tried many ways to deal with the pain. The most success I’ve had was with compressions gloves, so I’ve looked into socks too. I’ve tried shorter toeless ones, but never a full sock. These socks are a pain to get on! I ordered exactly to the size chart and they took forever to get on my feet. I have to put them inside out, pull a small part on and roll it the rest of the way up. This took way too long, but they really do work. I just knew that these were going to painful, but once on I was shocked. They molded to me feet and were extremely comfortable. I almost immediately felt relief. The only issue I had is that I have large calves so I had to roll them halfway down or they were really tight around my calves.


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