2 Oz Travel Bottle Review

Disclaimer: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes

My family lives between four different states and because of that I travel often for holidays. I have really sensitive skin so I use a specific regime of skin care and beauty products. Usually, I end up buying small travel size bottles when I arrive because I buy my usual products in large quantities. Over time those small bottles really add up. These bottles are made of a smooth flexible silicone and have a flip cap. It’s easy to put together and use. It also has a handy little suction cup you can attach to the mirror. Just a small warning- make sure it secured completely or it will slide down.

What I like best about these bottles is that they have a wide mouth so they are easy to clean out and put products in. When closed it has a nice tight seal to it and there are no leaks.

A great thing about these silicone travel bottles is that inside the cap there is a part that tells you what is inside the bottle. With a turn, ​you can change it from sunscreen, shampoo, lotion and conditioner. It great because I won’t have to open the bottle to smell my products. Most of them are the same color so this saves time and money!



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