Ziggy Baby Swaddle Blankets Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

First off I have to say that I love that these come in a neutral light green, so it could be for a male or female infant. These swaddle blankets are made of a lightweight and soft cotton. Because of the thinness of the material it is very breathable. They have strong adjustable velcro horizontal straps that give you a tight and secure closure.

You get three different designs – white with grey and green chevron zigzag stripes, white with green and grey dots and a solid green one.

I really like the idea of these blankets. I had major difficulty with swaddling my nephew when he was tiny because I just couldn’t get the corners to tuck right and my arthritis flare ups. These are super easy to figure out! You just put the baby in the bottom portion, pull the left upper side over them, tuck it down then pull the right side to the velcro and adjust it to your preference.

This would be a great gift for baby shower especially if the person has any issues with their hands.


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