Way Out West Vanilla de Leche Candles Reviews

DISCLAIMER: Sample provded for testing and reviewing purpose. All thoughts are my own.

As soon as I opened the Amazon box I got hit with a rich vanilla scent. It smelled so damn good! I was amazed just how strong the fragrance was. These candles are homemade and are a natural soy wax blend with fragrance. I think those two elements definitely are what brings this item to the great quality it is. Usually when I find a great scented candle they always are a letdown. When you light them the only thing I end up smelling is wax. These candles are definitely not a let down at all. They smelled great before lit and even better when they are lit. It leaves a strong vanilla scent all throughout my apartment and my brother actually asked me if I was making a cake!

A great thing about these candles is they come in these cute little mason jars that you can reuse after the candle is done. They also come with a lovely charm wrapped around it. The presentation of these candle is phenomenal!

This set came in a nice decorative box with an insert with some information about the company and the candles itself. It also came with a wick dipper! I’ve never even heard of wick dippers, but I am so happy to be introduced to them thanks to this candle set. The wick dipper is used to extinguish a candle by pulling it down into the wax. Usually when you blow out candles they leave a trail of black smoke that ruins the smell. This wick dipper helps eliminate that. You can also use the wick dipper to pull the cotton wick out of the candle once it is cooled.

This would a great Christmas present for those who are into incense, diffusers and candles. I had planned to give one to my sister, but I just don’t want to after actually using one. It’s too good!


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