Mini Star Toy Microphone Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

This microphone is super easy to put together. It comes in less than 8 pieces and the only part you need to unscrew/screw in is where you put three AA batteries. It is not the steadiest toy, it wobbles a bit when touched. I don’t think it’d stay together if knocked over. The volume on the microphone is surprisingly very loud for a toy. There are two buttons for applause and music and volume control button which controls the music and microphone volume. I really like that there is a volume control button so we can adjust the volume to our pleasure. Our favorite part was that the top part of the toy has flashing lights.

If you have a larger phone like an S5 or 6S then the build in phone stand would not be a good idea. My phone would not fit and tipped forward dropping the entire toy. It’s more suited for a mini iPod of small mp3 player. We ended up just removing the microphone stand and putting away because of it unsteadiness. I think this product could improve it the stand was weighted down and had screws to attach it together.


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