Coolwoo Mouse Backpack Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

This bag is ridiculously cute! The features of the mouse’s face are large and attractive. My nephews favorite part is the ears that are attached to the top. They are what really brings the whole picture of the mouse face together. This backpack is quite large on the inside and very lightweight. There is so much space! I like that there are mesh pockets on both sides for his water and juice bottles. There is also a large zip up compartment up front where we put his pencils, crayons and other small accessories. There is also a pocket inside the bag.

The bag is made of this super soft neoprene material. The adjustable straps are padded so they don’t dig into his shoulders and are comfortable. The only thing I don’t like about this material is it draws the cat to it like crazy. I had to hide this bag away because the cat was digging his nails in it whenever it was out. If you have pets keep it where they can’t find it because for some reason it attracts them(or at least mine). He ripped the front of it so bad that we can’t use this for school, but will use it for playtime.

I really like that there is a sewn in part to put your child’s name instead of what I usually see which is a tag hanging off the zipper. This is such a better idea! There is plenty of room for the first and last name. Another great thing this bag has a small ball on the zipper pulls. It’s a great addition for little ones who are learning to open buttons and zippers because it helps them grip.


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