Argan Oil Curl Defining Cream Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes

Recently I’ve been trying to embrace my curls again, but I’m not quite what products to use. I’ve heard good things about argan oil so I’ve been researching products with it. I was excited to try this for the curl defining and argan oil benefits. First off this cream is a pale milky white color and the first thing I smelled was what I believe to be the argan oil. It has a very light and pleasant scent to it.

It applies to my hair very nicely and didn’t weigh down my hair at all. It definitely left my hair looking very soft. I was very pleased with how defined my curls looked. The cream worked almost instantly. My curly hair was tamed and you can see the curly texture in it much better than it has been in years.

My problem with the cream is that once it dries and my hair completely absorbed it my hair was left feeling very unmoisturized. No matter how many different times I applied it my hair always came out dry and frizzy after an hour. I’m going to do my usual routine of coconut oil treatment then add this on top of it and see if that helps anyway. I’ll update on it.


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