Orchid Origami Paper

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

Arts & Crafts has always been something that I had a passion for. I stopped around my younger teenager years because I didn’t believe I was good at anything. As I got older I wanted to venture back into it. I wanted to really like this paper because recently origami was on top on my list to learn. I’ve always been very into the videos and wanting to try it myself. The problem is that there were way too many flaws when the paper I received when manufactured. There are ten different colors – light pink, red, rosy pink, light blue, blue, lavender, orange, yellow, light green. Out of those ten colors, six had flaws in the entire stack. There were tiny white dots scatter through every single sheet and some sheets had a ripple defect through them.

Once I got into multiple folds it was a bit difficult to fold, but overall the paper was easy to fold for simple designs. The more intricate the design, the harder it got to fold of the thickness of the paper What I did like is that a nice variety of colors and that you get a large assortment of 500 sheets. I’ve had no problems with them tearing.

I’m planning on using the flawed sheets as practice, but I would definitely check into the manufacturer to solve this problem. I don’t think a beginner would not mind the flaws, but those who are very into origami will not be happy with this product. This would be a good beginner set for young school age children because you get such a large amount in a pack.


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