LiveInfinitely Stability Ball Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and review purposes.

I’ve heard so much good things about stability balls and it’s many uses, so I decided to get one again. I use this ball both a chair and as an exercising tool. Recently I’ve been trying to lose weight and just get healthier, in general, but it’ difficult due to my arthritis. My last ball was a few years ago and just popped out of nowhere

When I removed this ball deflated from the box I could immediately tell that it was made of a thick high-quality ball. It felt very heavy in my hands and much thicker than my old ball. It was perfectly round and had ringed ridges to prevent it from slipping. It did have creases, but like the letter they included said it faded away after a few hours of it being inflated. It came with a pump, two plugs and a plug remover. It was really easy to use the pump and fill it up with air. It did take me a bit longer due to my hands, but it shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes.

I haven’t ventured into major exercises on this ball, but I have been planking and doing spine stretches. It’s so easy to do because the flexibility of the ball does not hurt my arms at all. I guess my bad ball make me a skeptical about these holding my weight because I was terrified to sit on it and have it pop. But it’s super strong! According to the info, I received it’s supposed to hold up to 2200 pounds. I always thought these had like a max in the hundreds. I really like this ball and can’t wait to learn what else I can do on it. Now all I have to do is hide it from the kiddo!


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