Holiday Specs Reindeer & Snowman Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

This year I will be having my nephew for Christmas and now that he is older I’ve been really trying to find ways for him to get into the holiday. I think these might do the job.

These holiday specs are such a cool interactive idea to do with kids! I received the snowman and reindeer 3D plastic glasses. At first I didn’t understand just how I was going to see the reindeer and snowman in the lights, but when I put them on… WOW! It really was like magic. The graphics were really on point with the designs of the little figures. The farther away you are from the lights, the larger the figures will. I can just imagine wearing these for the Times Square tree. That would be majestic.

On the lenses, there is a circular pattern that I believe makes the magic possible. On each side of the frames, there is a cute design featuring what you will see when you put them on. The reindeer pair has black, red and green reindeer with a grey/white background. The snowman pair is light blue with snowflakes and snowman.

I really liked that the specs I got were made of a durable plastic instead paper because it’d be easy to manage and care for with a three-year-old​ around. Hop With good care I can see us putting these to use for a few years. These will be great for stocking stuffers. I’m definitely slipping them in my little brothers stocking this year. He’s going to have a blast with these.

The only advice I would give out is not to keep these on for too long because after removing them your eyesight will be a bit blurry. Keep your eyes closes for about 30 seconds after use and the blurriness will go away.

Get them here: LINK


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