Eineo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

I am a huge music listener. I absolutely love my music and have to have it all the time, but I’m picky and I only like listening through ear buds. The problem is that they usually don’t last long with me because they tangle and shorts where they plug in. I’ve never even understood what Bluetooth headphones were until I got these.

These headphones are really easy to set up. On the right ear piece, there is a green button underneath the phone logo. You hold it until it blinking blue and red. If you have the ear buds in then you will actually hear POWER ON. On the side of the right earbud, there is another button. It has four different functions – volume up, volume down, skip forward, skip back. On the opposite earbud, there is a microphone.

To find the Bluetooth you need to go into your settings(or pull down menu), find BLUETOOTH and scan. The name will pop up and you press it connect. It’s that easy!

When I first opened the box I have rather excited to see the carrying case. It’s the small case with plenty of room for your headphones. These is small mesh pocket for the spare ear pieces that came up it. This headset is extremely comfortable to wear and stays in rather well. The bright green is surprisingly not as distracting as I thought it would be. I could hear my music very clearly and the sound was smooth. The thick flat wire makes it tangle free and easy to store. The battery when fully charges lasts about a day with consistent use which is about 6 hours of music for me. I do wish that it came with a plug for the wall. It only came with a charge wire and I had to use my phone plug to charge it. You can charge it only on your computer, but that is a very slow charge.

I would give this fives stars, but there was some problem with the mic when I made phone calls. If I had them in my ears when I made the phone calls then the person couldn’t hear me well. It’s strange, but when I removed it from my and talked directly in it the microphone then put it back in my ear it worked perfectly.


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