Hot Wheels Paper and Digital Coloring Pack Review

Disclaimer: Sample provided for testing and review purposes.

Like many little boys do my nephew loves cars. He at the age of three years old actually goes on Youtube and watches Cars videos for I don’t even know how long! I’ve been trying to get him more into artsy stuff, but the electronics won him over at such a young age. This is the great medium. He gets his electronics, cars and arts all in one little product.

This pack is pretty easy to figure out. You color in the paper book for a little bit, download the Painting Lulu app, scan your picture then color in the rest of the picture with the digital crayon. What is really great about this app/pack is that there is not just crayons, but also colored markers and paintbrushes with paint colors.

The only thing I didn’t like is that if you are doing this on your cell phone you would need to get a thinner stylus. The digital crayon works fine on the screen, but it’s too chubby with small details. You end up coloring a whole section the same color. It is for children though so it probably would not bother them.

This would be perfect for long road trips and doctors visits. You won’t have a ton of lost crayons!

The cat like it!


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