XTR World Hardcore Champion Wrestling Toy Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

This is not the highest quality toy set in my opinion. I think it might not least a year, but it is a huge hit in my home. It falls in the mid range between low and high quality. The thing is my nephew absolutely loves it! As soon as he saw it he was begging me to open it. He immediately latched onto the people figures and started making them wrestle in the ring. The figures held up to his rough play well. There are no instructions included, but the wrestling ring is easy to put together.

I wasn’t sure how to get the strings to stay in place so I just crossed them over and double tied them around one of the poles. It stayed in place and was very secure. My favorite thing about this set is that the people figures have bendable joints so you can position them and they stand up.

We did not get everything pictured in the listing photos. We did not receive a folding chair and the traffic cone. The leash for the dog was immediately lost because it would not fit in the figure’s hands and it came it off easily. The people figures have fun and interesting features on each one. They had tattoos, facial hair, masks, gloves, jewelry, and glasses. Each had a different hairstyle. Heck! You can even see the bulging veins in their thighs and arms! My personal favorite hairstyle was the red and gold mohawk!


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