US Art Supply 14″ Tall Medium Tabletop Display A-Frame Easel Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes. All thoughts are my own.

I’ve recently started to put together an arts & crafts corner for my three year old nephew who just started preschool. So far we had paint, smocks, canvas board, paint books and brushes. This easel was the perfect addition to it!

This easel is 14 inches and is the perfect sized easel for young children. The easel is very lightweight, but that doesn’t take away from the quality at all. It’s made of a high quality and durable beige wood with a leather strap the pulls out and secures the third leg.


It’s very sturdy and stays in place. The strap is stapled in the front and tied through a hole on the back. It’d be easy to replace if you have a staple gun. The edges are smooth and cut precisely. It’s the perfect size for little hands to carry around and folds flat when not in use.


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