3-Pack Silicone Mold Review – Guitars, Legos, Robot

Disclaimer: Sample provided for testing and review purposes.


I’ve recently been drawn to molds because I wanted to make my own crayon shapes after seeing others do it. It seemed so easy to do and like a great creative activity.

Step 1: Use a knife to slice down the crayon wrapper and remove the paper.

Step 2: Cut the crayons into small pieces. About 6 pieces per crayon should do. The smaller the better if you want to get the colors to be really wacky.

Step 3: Place enough crayon pieces to filled the mold, but not overflow.

Step 4: Place on baking sheet/pan with the oven set at 225. Cook for 10-15 minutes

Once they reached a liquid consistency I let them sit for about 2 minutes then popped them in the freezer to get them to harden faster. It took just under 20 minutes to get a super cool set of crayons for my nephew. My personal favorite was the robots because you can see the awesome detailing. I did not like the guitar mold at all because I had to repeatedly put them back in the oven to remelt. No matter how gentle I was the necks of the guitars always broke.

The molds are made of a thick smooth silicone that is very easy to clean off after use. They are easy to wash with just soap in water. I would recommend cleaning immediately after crayons are made. They can also be washed in the dishwasher. To release the crayons, I pulled at the sides and pushed outward. They came out easily.


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