Breast Cancer Awareness Fight For It T Shirt Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for reviewing and testing purposes.


I was looking forward to this shirt because I’ve loss loved ones to cancer and I like to promote awareness daily. This t-shirt has a really great relaxed fit to it. I’ve always leaned towards getting men shirts because they are less fitted and more comfortable. Ths shirt definitely holds true to size. I thought I wouldn’t like the distressed detailing, but it definitely has its appeal to it. The vintage look is growing on me. It gives the t-shirt some more character and personality. The pink in the shirt is much brighter in person than in the picture listed. It’s a bright pink that fades into a lavender- pastel pink color around the edges. The shirt is not very soft, but after a few washes I think it will get softer and a more worn in feeling.


I really love the boxing gloves that add to the message. It’s what originally drew me to this shirt. I thnk it’d be great to wear during a cancer awareness walk. I don’t like that the brand name is directly on the front of the shirt. I think it’d be better positioned on the sleeve or not on the outside at all.



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