3 Ounce Travel Bottle Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and review purposes.

During the holidays, I travel often and I usually end up buying travel size bottles at the store wherever I am because my regular bottles are quite large. They are usually high priced so they really add up. These silicone reusable travel bottles are going to be a lifesaver this year!


While filling this bottle, I noticed that there is a piece inside the cap that lists what is in the bottle. You just have to twist it and it moves from each option – Shampoo, Sunscreen, Lotion and Conditioner That is going to be handy because a lot of my products are the same color and I don’t want to open the bottles consistently to smell them. The bottle is made of a soft smooth silicone that is very flexible and it is easy to squeeze excess air out. It has a suction cup on it so you can attach it to the mirror to save space, but you have to make sure it attaches completely because it can slide downward. The cap screws on and has a flip top which my preferred top.


What I like best about this bottle besides the labeling features is that it has a large opening to pour liquids into it. It makes it really easy to clean them out. What I did not like about the bottle was that sometimes when I went to flip open the clear cap the white part would come off.



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