Mini Black Nail Files 50 Pack Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purposes.

I’ve recently started to grow my nails out because I love painting my nails and have found that nails look better painted when they are long. I do have a slight problem because my nails are a bit uneven because I bite my nails a lot and they are pitted from my psoriasis. I’ve never really used a nail filer, but now I know that I’ve been missing out.



These files work quickly and really well. I use it on less than 15 seconds on one nail and it quickly smoothed out the uneven edges. The file are just the right size to slip into your pocket.


I measured them and they are just under 9 centimeters, so about 3.5 inches long. They are 1/3 of a centimeter thick. They are pretty sturdy, so they don’t easily bend. The boards are a two sided shiny gritty black, so if you like matching your nail accessories it goes with everything.



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