Cattae ‘First Class’ Cat Scratcher Lounge Review

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and review purposes.


Cats absolutely love cardboard, so the idea to make a cardboard lounge for them is brilliant This lounge is much larger than I expected and rather lightweight. It’s easy to lug around depending on where you want the cats to be. I thought my girl cat would like this, but she doesn’t. My boy cat on the other hand absolutely loves it. He sleeps on it nearly every night. I originally kept this near my bed because I was trying to transition him from laying on my bed to laying on ‘his bed’. It worked perfectly and now this resides in the living room. He didn’t need any adjustment time at all. He immediately hopped on it. I did add a cat blanket I received from a subscription box to make it a bit more comfortable. The curve in the lounge makes it perfect for them to sleep and scratch at it. I have a couch lounge that curves the exact same and I’ve caught him scratching at it often. Now he has his own lounge to scratch!


This lounge has a pretty brown finish that goes great with the furniture and rug in my room. What I like best about this lounge is how tightly packed the cardboard is. It is what makes this a really sturdy product. It has a solid even weight that does not tip over at all. My cats combine weigh about 25 pounds and other scratching posts usually have a heavy bottom, but the rest is light and tip easily. Because of the design of this one it stays in place no matter what side the are on. My cats are sadly not able to get in the holes because one is chubby and the other one is a full grown male, but they still like to stick their paws in and scratch.



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