3 Pack Christmas Silicone Candy Molds Review

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Disclaimer: Sample provided for testing and review purposes.



I have wanted to make my own crayon shapes because I’ve seen so many people online do it and recommend it as a fun activity for kids.These molds finally gave me the chance to do it!

I used a knife to slice down the crayonsand remove the paper. Then I cut the crayons into small pieces(about 6 pieces per crayon should do). I placed enough to filled the mold, but not overflow. With the oven set at 225 I placed the molds on a baking sheet then cooked the crayons for 15 minutes until they melted. When they fully melted I let them sit for a while then popped them in the freezer to speed up the hardening. In under 30 minutes, I had a lovely set of Christmas crayons! I did end up underestimating how much crayons to put in them. I put enough to fill it without overflowing and the crayons were rather small when set in. Next time I will fill it to the top and add more as needed to make a full crayon.

The molds are made of a thick yet soft silicone that is easy to clean. A quick washing with soap and water and they were good to be used with food. You can see the details very clearly. Even the smallest of details like Santa Clauses eyebrows show clearly. The crayon release very easily. All I had to do is apply a little pressure, push inwards and the mold completely popped inside out. The crayons came out perfectly.I have not used the larger one yet because I don’t give cake supplies and I want to make cupcakes, but I plan to do it in the next few days and will update with my results. Keep a look out for part 2!




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