Attmu Full Protection Vinyl Art Smocks

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purpose.

My nephew has recently started Preschool and I’ve decided to do more arts & crafts activities with him. I’ve alway loved it when I was a small child and I’m hoping he does too. Q loves getting his hands on things and making messes, in general, so hand painting seemed like an obvious choice for him. I already had paint, so I just need a good set of smocks. Two because he has a younger brother that visits at times and this keeps them in one room quiet.


What I like most about these smocks are that there is a ton of growing room and I could tell that these would be put to use for years. My nephew is only three and these are huge on him. He pretty thin and tall so I could see these lasting based on the way they fit now. The shirt in the photo above is a 3t. They have a bright colorful pattern that goes along with painting very well. You get two different ones, but I really wish they were the same stye because you know how children(or most siblings I know) are about one having the better one. Luckily we don’t have that problem yet! Yet…


The smocks are a rather thin material, but they feel like a surprisingly good quality and that they can handle frequents use. No paint has gotten through to any clothing when wearing these. The thin material helps to make it very easy to clean. They feel a lot like shower lining to me. On the back between where the shoulders will be there are velcro pieces to close the smock at the top. There are also two strings to tie it around the back.


Another thing I like about this product is that it has three separate pockets that can easily hold sponges or brushes. There is plenty of room inside for all sorts of painting tools. The material of the smocks is very lightweight and easy to fold to put away in the smallest of places. I store them in my nephews little desk because of how compact they fold up to be. A definite plus for me because we have a small apartment.


Overall I really like these and can’t wait to set up the arts & crafts corner with these in it.

You can get these art smocks here: LINK


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