Mesh Beach Bag Review + Giveaway – Perfect for All Sports!

Disclaimer: Sample provided for testing and review purposes.

My nephew has an insane amount of balls. He loves them – footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, bouncy balls, golf balls… You name and he has it! Whenever we go to the park he wants to bring at least 3 of them. We usually just carry them in our hands, but it’s not very safe because I have to hold his hand crossing the street and walking. If any of those suckers get loose then they are goners. This bag is a life saver.


The bag is a bright neon green. The mesh material is rather light weight and stretchy. Because of the material it is made out of it very easy to store away in any small spaces.


There are two straps on the back that are looped through the opening, You pull inwards to close and pull outwards to open. It’s very simple for little such as my nephew to do. The straps are a decent length for adults, teenagers, and preteens, but for smaller children I would recommend putting the straps together and placing it across their chest and over their children. It’d stay in place very well that way. My nephew is 3, about 30 pounds, and average height. It hangs a bit too long on his back, but with the method above it works perfectly for him.

I was a bit skeptical about the weight limit,  but after testing it I believe it is to be true that it can hold 25 pounds because we used over the weekend and I just about hit the max with balls, a blanket, and snacks. Everything fit in well and there were no rips or tears or over. This bag has been thrown around so much and it still held up well..

Overall I really this bag and will be using daily for park time and just general play. Despite the name, it’s not just for the beach. It can be used year long and for just any activity.

Now it’s time for the giveaway! The person who wins will win one of these mesh beach bags and everyone else will get  a 25% code.

FunFitness Mesh Beach Bag Giveaway

If you would like to get the bag now you can purchase here:  LINK


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