Arvazallia – Editing


I’ve always hated my dark brown boring hair, so when I was around 14 I started changing the color. Now because I went with a simple change of either a semi-permanent black or light blondish brown the color didn’t usually stay for long. Right now my hair is dyed just a shade lighter, but I plan to go much lighter next month and try unnatural colors, so this product is going to very handful in the coming months.

The coloring of this shampoo is slightly cloudy(but clear if that makes any sense). It’s not quite white, but not clear either. The shampoo itself doesn’t make suds very well, but it does spread nicely. I didn’t have to use moe than about two short squeezes. I like the pop cap. I’m not a fan of shampoos with pumps so that’s a plus for me. Another thing I liked about this shampoo was the fragrant fruity scent. It smells citrus to me, but that is not listed on the ingredients so I’m not sure where it is coming from.

After using this, my hair looks shiny and felt rather soft which is surprising to me because my hair is never soft after. It always needs conditioner to get it to be soft! I use coconut oil for my hair that leaves it feeling a very specific way. This shampoo gives off a very similar silky feeling when I run my hand through my hair which I believe is because of the different oils in it. I would definitely recommend this shampoo.

Next up….

I wholeheartedly admit that I am a conditioner girl. At a time I was very into the No Poo phase and used a ton of conditioner. I’ve tried a lot of brands. I’ve experienced some bad ones and some great ones. This one I would put in between. It’s not bad, but it’s the best FOR ME. My issue with it is that I have to use a lot in my hair. That is because the formula is not very thick and doesn’t absorb well my hair. I think the issue is more about my hair texture than the conditioner. I have medium thick frizzy curly hair that usually needs a lot of products to absorb from my experience

Despite that I do like the general basis of the conditioner. It has a nice light fruity(citrus?) scent that stays in your hair after washing it out and it leaves my hair soft and manageable. I left​ a little bit on my ends to manage them and it worked perfectly.
I’ve tried so many hair masks and haven’t found one I truly love. I’ve deeply damaged my hair because of straightening it and dying it when I young of it. Recently I wanted to get my hair to a healthier level. I’ve heard a lot of great things about hair masked and was excited about using this one because of the macadamia oil that I see raved about.

This mask has slightly less fruity scent than the other products, but I still like it. It’s a nice light citrus-y smell. The cream is very thick, very similar to pudding texture. I was surprised that it only took a small amount to spread evenly through my hair. That’s a huge plus! Unlike the other mask I’ve used this one does not heavily weigh my hair down at all. It takes about 5 minutes dry.

After just one application, my hair felt so much more healthier and moisturized. I’ve definitely found my #1 hair mask.


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