Vbiger Birds Canvas Backpack Review

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review

I will be starting college this spring so I’ve been looking for a bag that is both beautiful and mature. This bag fits that perfectly. The bag is black canvas with simple white birds. The bottom, loop, and straps are a pretty light brown accentuated with gold fastenings. The colors go together beautifully to create a great quality and stunning bag.




The pattern is so gorgeous and is really true to the photo listed. I’m pleasantly surprised with how roomy the bag actually. It can definitely fit many books inside. I was able to fit 8 inside with plenty of room left over!


It also has two pockets located inside – one zippered and one not zippered which are great for small items like erasers and sharpeners. I personally plan to put my glasses in the zippered pocket for safe keeping. The bag also has two small pockets of the side and a larger phone up front. I’m not sure what I’ll put on the sides, but I’m planning on using the front for pencils and pencils. It’s the perfect size lengthwise!



The bag has two ways to close. The first is a leather strap that you pull and push a piece up to secure the bag then you move the flap that has a magnet in it down and the bag closes. I love it not only for the extra security but also because it’s very stylish!


The backpack straps are adjustable with a lot of slack so I think it’d fit most people. I’m a large girl who worried that it would be too tight on my shoulders, but as long as I adjust it to the longest length it’s very comfortable. The leather straps have a fabric on the underside that gives it a nice grip and makes it feel very strong and sturdy.


Overall I love this bag. I think it’d be perfect for teenagers and young adults starting college who are looking for a bag with personality and that has a touch of maturity.

You can purchase the bag here: LINK


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