Secret Garden Adult Coloring Book Review

Disclaimer: Sample provided for testing and reviewing.


This coloring is truly a gorgeous piece of artwork. I almost didn’t even want to color it. I wanted to keep it as a collectible.

What I like most about this book is that you color the entire book included the cover and book jacket. How awesome is that! Because of some of the details in the book are so intricate I can see this coloring book lasting for a very long time. You can really tell the amount of thought and creativity was put in this book.

The paper stock is rather thick, but not overly so. It just enough that colors don’t show on the other side. They have a nice sturdy heaviness to them that does not tear easily The bright paper takes in color very and after coloring in pieces the detailing really pops out in this book. Despite this being geared towards adults I think young teens would really enjoy this book. This book would be a fantastic Christmas present for artistic children and adults.

The only issue I had was that some detailing was so small that I had to keep my colored pencils very sharp to the point because no matter how careful I was some crossed over to the other design. I don’t mind it much though because it’s an easy fix.


Attmu Full Protection Vinyl Art Smocks

DISCLAIMER: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purpose.

My nephew has recently started Preschool and I’ve decided to do more arts & crafts activities with him. I’ve alway loved it when I was a small child and I’m hoping he does too. Q loves getting his hands on things and making messes, in general, so hand painting seemed like an obvious choice for him. I already had paint, so I just need a good set of smocks. Two because he has a younger brother that visits at times and this keeps them in one room quiet.


What I like most about these smocks are that there is a ton of growing room and I could tell that these would be put to use for years. My nephew is only three and these are huge on him. He pretty thin and tall so I could see these lasting based on the way they fit now. The shirt in the photo above is a 3t. They have a bright colorful pattern that goes along with painting very well. You get two different ones, but I really wish they were the same stye because you know how children(or most siblings I know) are about one having the better one. Luckily we don’t have that problem yet! Yet…


The smocks are a rather thin material, but they feel like a surprisingly good quality and that they can handle frequents use. No paint has gotten through to any clothing when wearing these. The thin material helps to make it very easy to clean. They feel a lot like shower lining to me. On the back between where the shoulders will be there are velcro pieces to close the smock at the top. There are also two strings to tie it around the back.


Another thing I like about this product is that it has three separate pockets that can easily hold sponges or brushes. There is plenty of room inside for all sorts of painting tools. The material of the smocks is very lightweight and easy to fold to put away in the smallest of places. I store them in my nephews little desk because of how compact they fold up to be. A definite plus for me because we have a small apartment.


Overall I really like these and can’t wait to set up the arts & crafts corner with these in it.

You can get these art smocks here: LINK

Chef Boutique Chalkboard Labels

Disclaimer: Sample provided for testing and reviewing purpose. All thoughts are my own.


Since discovering chalk markers through friends I’ve been meaning to try out chalkboard labels. These labels are very smooth to the touch. It’s hard to describe how they actually feel. If you guys know that black tape you put on electric wires when they rip then they feel exactly like that!

The labels are really easy to remove from the paper and apply to whatever you wish to use. I used some spice jars I had just received. The labels are the perfect size for just about everything. They fit on the jars nicely and didn’t look like too much detailing. What I liked most about this product is there is variety in the different labels. There are simple square and oval ones and some with a more dramatic flare.


The white marker that came with it was a bit difficult to get to work. I had to shake them way longer than the instructions said so- nearly a minute longer. I did get the ink to come forward and the marker wrote perfectly. Very smooth and neat. To get the writing off was very easy. I just used a paper towel and water. It came right off and looked brand new! A few months back I purchased a glass bake and set for the upcoming holidays. Now I can wait to try these on them!


Mesh Beach Bag Review + Giveaway – Perfect for All Sports!

Disclaimer: Sample provided for testing and review purposes.

My nephew has an insane amount of balls. He loves them – footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, bouncy balls, golf balls… You name and he has it! Whenever we go to the park he wants to bring at least 3 of them. We usually just carry them in our hands, but it’s not very safe because I have to hold his hand crossing the street and walking. If any of those suckers get loose then they are goners. This bag is a life saver.


The bag is a bright neon green. The mesh material is rather light weight and stretchy. Because of the material it is made out of it very easy to store away in any small spaces.


There are two straps on the back that are looped through the opening, You pull inwards to close and pull outwards to open. It’s very simple for little such as my nephew to do. The straps are a decent length for adults, teenagers, and preteens, but for smaller children I would recommend putting the straps together and placing it across their chest and over their children. It’d stay in place very well that way. My nephew is 3, about 30 pounds, and average height. It hangs a bit too long on his back, but with the method above it works perfectly for him.

I was a bit skeptical about the weight limit,  but after testing it I believe it is to be true that it can hold 25 pounds because we used over the weekend and I just about hit the max with balls, a blanket, and snacks. Everything fit in well and there were no rips or tears or over. This bag has been thrown around so much and it still held up well..

Overall I really this bag and will be using daily for park time and just general play. Despite the name, it’s not just for the beach. It can be used year long and for just any activity.

Now it’s time for the giveaway! The person who wins will win one of these mesh beach bags and everyone else will get  a 25% code.

FunFitness Mesh Beach Bag Giveaway

If you would like to get the bag now you can purchase here:  LINK

Arvazallia – Editing


I’ve always hated my dark brown boring hair, so when I was around 14 I started changing the color. Now because I went with a simple change of either a semi-permanent black or light blondish brown the color didn’t usually stay for long. Right now my hair is dyed just a shade lighter, but I plan to go much lighter next month and try unnatural colors, so this product is going to very handful in the coming months.

The coloring of this shampoo is slightly cloudy(but clear if that makes any sense). It’s not quite white, but not clear either. The shampoo itself doesn’t make suds very well, but it does spread nicely. I didn’t have to use moe than about two short squeezes. I like the pop cap. I’m not a fan of shampoos with pumps so that’s a plus for me. Another thing I liked about this shampoo was the fragrant fruity scent. It smells citrus to me, but that is not listed on the ingredients so I’m not sure where it is coming from.

After using this, my hair looks shiny and felt rather soft which is surprising to me because my hair is never soft after. It always needs conditioner to get it to be soft! I use coconut oil for my hair that leaves it feeling a very specific way. This shampoo gives off a very similar silky feeling when I run my hand through my hair which I believe is because of the different oils in it. I would definitely recommend this shampoo.

Next up….

I wholeheartedly admit that I am a conditioner girl. At a time I was very into the No Poo phase and used a ton of conditioner. I’ve tried a lot of brands. I’ve experienced some bad ones and some great ones. This one I would put in between. It’s not bad, but it’s the best FOR ME. My issue with it is that I have to use a lot in my hair. That is because the formula is not very thick and doesn’t absorb well my hair. I think the issue is more about my hair texture than the conditioner. I have medium thick frizzy curly hair that usually needs a lot of products to absorb from my experience

Despite that I do like the general basis of the conditioner. It has a nice light fruity(citrus?) scent that stays in your hair after washing it out and it leaves my hair soft and manageable. I left​ a little bit on my ends to manage them and it worked perfectly.
I’ve tried so many hair masks and haven’t found one I truly love. I’ve deeply damaged my hair because of straightening it and dying it when I young of it. Recently I wanted to get my hair to a healthier level. I’ve heard a lot of great things about hair masked and was excited about using this one because of the macadamia oil that I see raved about.

This mask has slightly less fruity scent than the other products, but I still like it. It’s a nice light citrus-y smell. The cream is very thick, very similar to pudding texture. I was surprised that it only took a small amount to spread evenly through my hair. That’s a huge plus! Unlike the other mask I’ve used this one does not heavily weigh my hair down at all. It takes about 5 minutes dry.

After just one application, my hair felt so much more healthier and moisturized. I’ve definitely found my #1 hair mask.

Vbiger Birds Canvas Backpack Review

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review

I will be starting college this spring so I’ve been looking for a bag that is both beautiful and mature. This bag fits that perfectly. The bag is black canvas with simple white birds. The bottom, loop, and straps are a pretty light brown accentuated with gold fastenings. The colors go together beautifully to create a great quality and stunning bag.




The pattern is so gorgeous and is really true to the photo listed. I’m pleasantly surprised with how roomy the bag actually. It can definitely fit many books inside. I was able to fit 8 inside with plenty of room left over!


It also has two pockets located inside – one zippered and one not zippered which are great for small items like erasers and sharpeners. I personally plan to put my glasses in the zippered pocket for safe keeping. The bag also has two small pockets of the side and a larger phone up front. I’m not sure what I’ll put on the sides, but I’m planning on using the front for pencils and pencils. It’s the perfect size lengthwise!



The bag has two ways to close. The first is a leather strap that you pull and push a piece up to secure the bag then you move the flap that has a magnet in it down and the bag closes. I love it not only for the extra security but also because it’s very stylish!


The backpack straps are adjustable with a lot of slack so I think it’d fit most people. I’m a large girl who worried that it would be too tight on my shoulders, but as long as I adjust it to the longest length it’s very comfortable. The leather straps have a fabric on the underside that gives it a nice grip and makes it feel very strong and sturdy.


Overall I love this bag. I think it’d be perfect for teenagers and young adults starting college who are looking for a bag with personality and that has a touch of maturity.

You can purchase the bag here: LINK

VelloStar Chalk Markers Review(Pictures coming!)

DISCLAIMER: I received these at no cost in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

I’ve seen many people talking about chalk markers and they draw my interest because I consider myself artsy and I love to try new products in that. These markers are really easy to work with. The instructions are very easy to follow. You simply remove the cap, press down on the tip, put the cap back on then shake for 30 seconds. Remove the cap and press down on a flat surface until the white tip fills with color. It’s that easy!

The markers colors are bright and beautiful. There are eight different colors – light blue, orange, red, purple, pink, white, yellow and green. They write smoothly and are very easy to remove from a whiteboard. On a white board they dried almost instantly The texture of the ink for the markers actually reminds me of paint, but thinner. I used these with my nephew and they got on his hands, but with a little soap and water you can barely tell he used them.

I think the thing I like most about these markers that despite them being chalk markers you can truly use them on any surface. We decorate out windows for Halloween with them and they went on perfectly. I would recommend these for people with young children who tend to get a bit messy with arts and crafts.