Review on Nuphorin Stress Relief/Mood Support

I don’t like to mention it ,but I have suffered from social anxiety for many years now. As a young teen I was medicated for it and in counseling, but during a rather hard time I stopped going and weaned myself off. Because of that I’ve became some what of a hermit.


I’ve considered going back to the therapist, but the fact is I don’t like to be around people due to my social anxiety.s It’s a bit of a cycle. I know I need to go back on medicine for my SA, but the severity of my social anxiety is preventing me from actually going to the couselor to get medicine.

When I saw the Nuphorin on Tomoson I immediately applied and was excited to find out I was approved. What I liked about Nuphorin initially was that it was a somewhat natural method to get relief and that it was said to be fast acting. The first thing I noticed about the pills was the intense vitamin smell they had. They smelled rather unappealing. The capsules were a bit large and a dark green color. They were not that difficult to swallow.


I started taking it 2 times a day and after a week I felt no difference in my stress or anxiety. Instead of giving up I commited myself to more time testing it. Eventually three weeks passed and I still had no relief. It did absolutely nothing for me. It was as if I was taking a placebo.


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