LenoTab Review : Well above expections for it’s price!

Disclaimer: I recieved this product at no cost for testing purposes and a honest review.

First off I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised at the great quality of this Leno tablet. I had received a similar tablet as a Christmas gift a few years back and it ran horribly. This tablet has a very good speed when hooked up to my cable and the internet is just as fast as the one on my Galaxy phone. The battery time is also shocking. I fully charged it in less than 2 hours and in the next 3 hours the battery only drained about 20%. Because of this being a lesser known product name I had some doubt in that area, but it proved me wrong.

Sizewise the LenoTab is similar to a Kindle, but a tad larger. The screen is large enough to read withouth zooming and easy to type with despite my chubby fingers which is a huge plus for me. I haven’t removed the plastic cover it yet because I don’t want any scratchs. I would definitely recommend getting a screen protector.

This tablet has what I believe to be an extremely unique and fantastic built in feature with the screencap button. There are five buttons on the screen – Back, Home, Recent Apps, Screencap and Volume. I have truly never seen this on any other electronic which is so exciting. I have had a tendency to accidently turn off my phone when I try to screen shot or catching the picture midway. Having easy access to the screenshot feature is very helpful to me.

I did have a few issues:
1. The time it took to download an app was ridiculous. In 3 minutes it only download 1%.
2. Every time I would click on a notifications on the Facebook app I would get a ‘The page you requested was not found’ error.

I had a suspicion that # 1 was because of my internet so I turned on the Wi-Fi hotspot on my phone and connected it to the LenoTab Wifi. It turned out I was correct because the app immediately starting downloading in less than a minute. The problem wasn’t with the tablet or the app. It was just my internet acting up.

Overall I really did like this tablet. It met well above my expectations and ran rather well. I think it would be great as a beginner tablet. I personally plan on using it as a substitute for a Kindle because it’s the perfect size to read on.


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