Subscription box heaven!

I’ve always been very interested in subscription boxes, but have never had the funds to afford them. The are just so pricey! I’m now the proud owner of my very first credit card, so I decided to indulge a little bit and test a few out for the next few months. The problem is I have no idea which ones to go with. Which ones would you suggest? Which ones have you gotten before?

On my list already:
Lootcrate – Review is coming!
Pet Gift Box – Impatiently waiting for it to be delivered.
MunchPak – Review is coming!


3 thoughts on “Subscription box heaven!

  1. Munchpak and Pet gift box sound great! I have never done subscription boxes myself, but I did check out the Candy box…who doesn’t like candy? I used to get Birchbox every month, which was pretty cool. You get various beauty products, most of them sample size, but all top brands. They always threw in a few freebies too. I did really like that and it was only $10 a month.

  2. I’m totally obsessed with subscription boxes as well, Matter fact, I created my own Pinterest Board with every single one, that I find, here’s my Pinterest :” “, & the name of the board is, ” Famous Subscription Boxes “, this should help you with most of them, All depends on what you’re interested in, Happy Hunting!

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