LenoTab Review : Well above expections for it’s price!

Disclaimer: I recieved this product at no cost for testing purposes and a honest review.

First off I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised at the great quality of this Leno tablet. I had received a similar tablet as a Christmas gift a few years back and it ran horribly. This tablet has a very good speed when hooked up to my cable and the internet is just as fast as the one on my Galaxy phone. The battery time is also shocking. I fully charged it in less than 2 hours and in the next 3 hours the battery only drained about 20%. Because of this being a lesser known product name I had some doubt in that area, but it proved me wrong.

Sizewise the LenoTab is similar to a Kindle, but a tad larger. The screen is large enough to read withouth zooming and easy to type with despite my chubby fingers which is a huge plus for me. I haven’t removed the plastic cover it yet because I don’t want any scratchs. I would definitely recommend getting a screen protector.

This tablet has what I believe to be an extremely unique and fantastic built in feature with the screencap button. There are five buttons on the screen – Back, Home, Recent Apps, Screencap and Volume. I have truly never seen this on any other electronic which is so exciting. I have had a tendency to accidently turn off my phone when I try to screen shot or catching the picture midway. Having easy access to the screenshot feature is very helpful to me.

I did have a few issues:
1. The time it took to download an app was ridiculous. In 3 minutes it only download 1%.
2. Every time I would click on a notifications on the Facebook app I would get a ‘The page you requested was not found’ error.

I had a suspicion that # 1 was because of my internet so I turned on the Wi-Fi hotspot on my phone and connected it to the LenoTab Wifi. It turned out I was correct because the app immediately starting downloading in less than a minute. The problem wasn’t with the tablet or the app. It was just my internet acting up.

Overall I really did like this tablet. It met well above my expectations and ran rather well. I think it would be great as a beginner tablet. I personally plan on using it as a substitute for a Kindle because it’s the perfect size to read on.


Review on Nuphorin Stress Relief/Mood Support

I don’t like to mention it ,but I have suffered from social anxiety for many years now. As a young teen I was medicated for it and in counseling, but during a rather hard time I stopped going and weaned myself off. Because of that I’ve became some what of a hermit.


I’ve considered going back to the therapist, but the fact is I don’t like to be around people due to my social anxiety.s It’s a bit of a cycle. I know I need to go back on medicine for my SA, but the severity of my social anxiety is preventing me from actually going to the couselor to get medicine.

When I saw the Nuphorin on Tomoson I immediately applied and was excited to find out I was approved. What I liked about Nuphorin initially was that it was a somewhat natural method to get relief and that it was said to be fast acting. The first thing I noticed about the pills was the intense vitamin smell they had. They smelled rather unappealing. The capsules were a bit large and a dark green color. They were not that difficult to swallow.


I started taking it 2 times a day and after a week I felt no difference in my stress or anxiety. Instead of giving up I commited myself to more time testing it. Eventually three weeks passed and I still had no relief. It did absolutely nothing for me. It was as if I was taking a placebo.

Beautiful tote purse for the fall!

Disclaimer: I recieved this bag at a promotional discount in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. All thoughts are my own.

I am not a féminine at all when it comes to accessories. I usually don’t like purses and bags steered towards women, but I love this bag. It has a brilliant mix of colors that go really well together. I think it would great for all seasons, but just going by the colors it would be absolutely fantastic for Fall. The picture is pretty accurate on for the colors. There is no difference at all. I was a little worried that the orange would be too bright and distracting, but it’s actually a very subtle orange.


Inside the bag there are two add-on handles – one is a short very fashionable leather wrapped in chains and the other is a long strap of leather to allow you to hold this bag on your shoulders.


There are also 3 decent sized pocket compartments on one side of the inside(good to hold your keys, makeup or medication) and 2 zippered compartments on the other that are very good size. The little zipper one is the perfect size to hold a cellphone. I don’t know about anyone else, but I hate digging through all the junk in the bag to find my phone. This compartment is a time saver.



It also has a small pocket on the outside. How awesome is that!


The general space inside the bag is very open and space-y. It has plenty of room to hold a lot of things. I was able to fit my bill sized wallet, tablet, cellphone and a bottle of water with plenty of space lefted over The lining of the inside is a light and pleasant pink polyester fabric.


What I loved most about the bag are the nicely matched colors and the varied space inside. I didn’t have any true dislikes, but I think it would have been nice to have the longer strap of leather in the same style as the shorter one.


The bag itself feels like it’s very high quality and is rather well made. It’s a very beautiful bag with lovely gold details. I would recommend it for college age students and above.

You can find the bag here: Amazon

My first giveaway! Ends 9/4. 12 entries!

I’ve reached 50 likes on my Facebook page and it’s time for me to host my very first giveaway. It’s going to be a short one, so get your entries in while you can. I’m giving away a $5 e-gift card to Walmart and an additional $5 gift card for any store of your choosing. It will close on Friday September 4th. If the winner doesn’t respond within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen.


Good luck!

Subscription box heaven!

I’ve always been very interested in subscription boxes, but have never had the funds to afford them. The are just so pricey! I’m now the proud owner of my very first credit card, so I decided to indulge a little bit and test a few out for the next few months. The problem is I have no idea which ones to go with. Which ones would you suggest? Which ones have you gotten before?

On my list already:
Lootcrate – Review is coming!
Pet Gift Box – Impatiently waiting for it to be delivered.
MunchPak – Review is coming!