If I could live here I would…


image credit to businessinsider.com

Living in the library was something I dreamed of consistently as a child. That would have been the most amazing thing to have every happen to me. Do any of you guys remember those movies or tv shows where the kids got locked into their schools over night? I freaking loved those. My jealously sky rocketed every time that theme happened in a show. It just wasn’t fair to me that I couldn’t experience it too. That is how much of a bookaholic I was. Think of all the possibilities… I could explore the sections I wasn’t allowed in. I could find books that aren’t even released to public yet. I could find out all the secrets of the library. I could literally fall into a book and a new world. I wanted that adventure so much. Sadly I did not get any of those dreams accomplished because it was all fictional. How cruel is life. As I got older my dreams got more realistic and I wanted to work in a library just to have full access to all books.

my library card

Recently I let my library card membership lapse so I’ve been binging on Amazon finds and way too much Fanfiction. I applied for a new card twice online within 3 months and nothing showed up after the 6 week wait. I ended up having to get my lazy butt up and go down to apply. I now have a brand new card and a ton of books on hold.


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