Jump Rope: A match made in heaven!

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm37845557f7ff2fbf8eba7589c8529d27

Recently I’ve decided to kick myself in the butt and finally start my long waited weight loss journey. Because I’ve been trying to get in shape I’ve been searching for fitness products to find the ones that work best for me and are affordable. I immediately applied for the Limm High Speed Jump when I saw it on Giveaway Service. Jumping rope is something that is an easy, inexpensive and very effective workout. It’s perfect for a beginner like me.



First off I have to say that I’ve very happy these are adjustable because if I was to use them straight out of the packaging it would be way to long for me.



The handles are very comfortable and easy to grip. They have a great soft cushioning on it so they don’t slip one bit in use which I love.



I think the one thing I don’t like is that when you twist the cap to adjust the length the piece inside that you use is thin at one point and I worry that it can be broken easily. If that one piece could be swapped out for something stronger then this jump rope would be incredible. If it was to break I would have to guess the length before I cut to adjust it. Despite that little nit pick I really love this high speed jump rope. It’s a keeper for me.


If I could live here I would…


image credit to businessinsider.com

Living in the library was something I dreamed of consistently as a child. That would have been the most amazing thing to have every happen to me. Do any of you guys remember those movies or tv shows where the kids got locked into their schools over night? I freaking loved those. My jealously sky rocketed every time that theme happened in a show. It just wasn’t fair to me that I couldn’t experience it too. That is how much of a bookaholic I was. Think of all the possibilities… I could explore the sections I wasn’t allowed in. I could find books that aren’t even released to public yet. I could find out all the secrets of the library. I could literally fall into a book and a new world. I wanted that adventure so much. Sadly I did not get any of those dreams accomplished because it was all fictional. How cruel is life. As I got older my dreams got more realistic and I wanted to work in a library just to have full access to all books.

my library card

Recently I let my library card membership lapse so I’ve been binging on Amazon finds and way too much Fanfiction. I applied for a new card twice online within 3 months and nothing showed up after the 6 week wait. I ended up having to get my lazy butt up and go down to apply. I now have a brand new card and a ton of books on hold.

Weight Loss Update

Hello everyone!

Recently I’ve been having inner ear problems and went to get antibiotics. I went through the usual and got weighed by the nurse. Color me shocked when I weighed 12 pounds less than I did 2 weeks ago! I don’t know how it happened and I decided my scale at home must be off, but then I got home and weighed myself. The scale was correct. You guys have no idea how happy I was. I lost 12 freaking pound without even trying. I seriously didn’t know what I did different. I was still drinking my beloved Pepsi. I was still on the computer nearly all day. Nothing had changed in my mind. After some thought I guess I have been a bit more active lately because I’ve been walking to the store for weekly meals instead of once a month and I’ve been eating healthier because I couldn’t afford buying take out like I usually do. It wasn’t intentional though. I just couldn’t afford it anymore.

I’m so freaking happy and I want to continue this weight loss because I desperately need. I plan on to start trying to conceive next year and to go forward I need to lose at least 100 pounds to be healthy enough to carry a pregnancy. That is a whole lot of will I’m going to need. I’m terrified, but I got this.