Don’t hold the ice! Review of IceOsphere – Premium Ice Sphere Mold

I’m not the type of person who tells restaurants to “hold the ice”.
I love ice in my drinks because:
A. My drinks stay cold longer.
B. I like munching on ice.
C. It tricks me into thinking I’m drinking a full glass of soda when I’m really only about getting 1/3 of my usual serving.


In case you’re are wondering C is the main reason I like ice in my drink. Soda has had a major impact on my health, but it can be quite addicting and hard to stop drinking. I’m slowing working my way down by overdoing with ice. Surprisingly it’s actually working.

I joined an Amazon reviewers Facebook group and one of the first products I was able to get to review was an ice sphere mold. The mold is silicone and able to make 6 X 4.5 CM ice spheres. It typically takes 4 -6 hours for it to freeze completely, but I left it overnight just to be safe.



It might have been just me, but this mold took more than 3 times filling and dumping water to get used to. It was a bit tricky to get the excess water to drain without losing water for the spheres. Despite that I really liked it. They kept for a long time and didn’t cause my drinks to become a watery mess.



The ice came out nice and round and melted very slowly. I also liked that the Ice Spheres mold was silicone because it made it really easy to clean and store. I think it’d be great asset for parties. I planned to use it to make popsicles for my nephews 3rd birthday, but haven’t gotten to do it yet. I will update when I do.


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