Graze Apple & Cinnamon Flapjacks Review

I’ve never had these kind of flapjacks before. I only knew flapjacks as another name for pancakes, so when I saw the apple & cinnamon flapjack on Graze I admit I was a bit confused. After a little search I found out that in the UK a flapjack is a oat bar. Out of all the flapjacks listed I was most interested in trying the apple & cinnamon one so I was happy when I got it in my first box.



The fragrance of the flapjacks were strong, but not overly so. It wasn’t less of an apple smell, more oats. When it came to texture it met perfectly in the middle of moist and dry. The texture is soft and chewy, but not paste like. I was excited to see that it wasn’t a hard and crunchy because those bother my teeth. No flavors overpowered the others. It was super tasty and perfect for a late night snack I would definitely put this on my love list. Sadly enough I didn’t get a picture of the open product. It was so good I nearly inhaled it before even thinking out taking another photo. I would definitely recommend these.



Calories: 240

Rating: 8/10 (Love)

Whole Oats

Graze is a healthy snack box for only 6 dollars a month. You can get two boxes completely free with this code: CDCFRQFNP or CDCFRQFNB




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